Excellence Since 1855
Our success throughout the years lies with our selective recruitment, academic excellence, and continual focus on the bonds of brotherhood.
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About Us

What is St. Anthony Hall

The Fraternity of Delta Psi was founded on January 17, 1847 at Columbia University, in New York. For centuries, January 17 has commemorated the life of St. Anthony the Great of Egypt. St. Anthony was adopted as the patron saint of Delta Psi, and his name affixed to our organization.

The fraternity exists to provide a proper preparation for post-college life, which is more than merely being imbued with facts and theories; it includes a process for the expression and expansion of one’s ideas and opinions and an opportunity for communication, both intellectual and moral, among equals. Advancement and development are our goals; the bonds of brotherhood are our reward.

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Delta Psi supports and develops leaders both inside and outside St. Anthony Hall. Through involvement, our members gain character, integrity and humility while giving back to our campus and community. Our strong and diverse presence on campus is indicative of our members’ various interests and passions.

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Community Service

The members of Delta Psi place a high importance of giving back to the community through community service. While Delta Psi does financially support various philanthropy’s on campus, the fraternity recognizes the unique benefits of performing community service. Not only is community service a way to thank the community, but it also creates opportunities for the brotherhood to bond together in order to reach a common goal – further strengthening friendships while bettering the community.

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